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I’m a Portuguese native with the sea running through my veins! Nothing beats growing up on its majestic beaches, and even today it remains one of my favorite places. The sun’s warmth radiates joy and happiness throughout- truly magical moments that cannot be replaced or forgotten!
Taking inspiration from the waves of sunshine and warm vibes found near coastal properties, we wanted to bring that feeling into our real estate services – where your needs are met with care and expertise. From day one, you’ll be surrounded by supportive professionals who strive for nothing but success!
We want everyone who works with us to feel the sunshine, happiness, and positivity that comes with buying a property no matter where they are in the world. And experience the breezy process of selling a home with us.


The decision to choose the monstera deliciosa as my company logo was an easy one. This plant represents growth, upward energy, and abundance – all of which are values that guide me. This plant is often used in feng shui to help bring these positive energies into space. And that is what we do! We bring positive energy into a space, situation, and people’s lives.

I was looking for a logo representing my commitment to growth and success as an entrepreneur, team leader, and member of our communities, and the monstera deliciosa was a perfect choice.

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Our Mission

At Palm Leaf Realty, we believe that real estate is more than just a transaction. It’s an investment in your future and the foundation of lifelong moments with those you love. That’s why our team proudly stands behind our mission to guide clients through every step of the process – from finding a dream home or marketing one for sale all the way up until the closing day and beyond!

We are passionate about offering top-notch expertise tailored to each client’s needs and leveraging powerful local market intel combined with cutting-edge technology and dynamic marketing strategies — all allowing us to provide custom solutions that ensure satisfaction for all parties. Our goal? To make sure buyers and sellers alike rest easy knowing they have made sound decisions regarding their investments into the future!

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Meet Claudia


What an honor it is to create The Palm Leaf Realty Group! It all started with one woman with a dream to help others find their dream home, no matter where it was in the world. It’s a different style of real estate — without frontiers and based on real relationships that last a lifetime and to be the real estate advisor who is there for their clients long after a transaction is over — no matter the price point, no matter where the client came from, no matter what language they speak and no matter their familial status. That woman is me. I am an avid traveler and I am in love with diversity, so I am right at home in Houston. My goal is to help people find a place to grow, build long-lasting memories, and, more than anything, build wealth for themselves and those they love.

Growing up in Portugal, I have always been captivated by the warm, sunny lifestyle. When I left my home country to move abroad to The Netherlands, I fell deeply in love with it. Still, I never forgot that special warmth of the Mediterranean climate. After living in The Netherlands for almost ten years, I met my husband and moved to sunny and warm Houston, Texas. And here, I started my real estate career in 2016.

After joining the real estate industry, I quickly became known as someone who could help people find their dream homes and who was reliable and hardworking. My expertise allowed me to provide services for both selling and buying property – whether it be a vacation getaway or retirement plan!

Whether my clients were looking for a tropical, modern home in Costa Rica or a villa in Portugal, a ranch in Texas, or a beach house in Florida, I helped them find the perfect property through my nationwide and global network. I am so excited to help people find their perfect homes. After years of being an agent in the housing market, I know how important it is for homeowners and sellers alike to know that they are working with someone who can guide them through every step of the often complicated real estate process – because there’s a lot at stake!

And to better serve my growing base of clients and make sure everyone gets excellent service, I decided to expand and start a team. Very exciting times ahead for sure!

I want you to know that although I might have changed the image, team name, and logo, my mission has only expanded, not changed. The Palm Leaf Realty Group will help buyers and sellers nationwide and worldwide. As a daughter of a home builder, born and raised in Portugal, came my desire to help people find their dream homes anywhere in the world, as did my passion and commitment to hard work and going above and beyond for my clients — that is still our core mission.

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